Is Big Daddy Casino in Goa good for Indian players?


With the opening of Big Daddy Casino, Goa is becoming one of India’s largest gaming and entertainment destinations. It is also the popular country’s global offshore gaming and entertainment place for many gamblers. Here is something about Big Daddy casino Goa that you haven’t known.

Big Daddy Casino in Goa

There are only two states in India where gambling is legal. One is Skikkim and the other is Goa. According to many professional gamblers, Goa is soon set to take the top position of Macau and Las Vegas to become the premier casino city. 

Big Daddy Casino is one of the Indian offshore casinos. It was set off the coast of Mandovi river,  Panaji Panjim, Goa, India. The casino constitutes a bizarre blend of a high living experience and grand gaming. To know how this casino touches your feelings in Goa, you should enjoy the sparkled neon lights mixed with the amazing beat of the music. In particular, there are many games with a lot of great rewards.

Big Daddy is a licensed casino, managed by the Goa, Daman and Public Gambling Act, 1976.

The casino was built on an old 24 years old ship that was refurbished. It is categorized into 5 different levels. Each level uses different purposes. All the electronic stadium and gambling tables are on the ground floor. The VIP gaming tables and restaurants, open bars are on the second and the third floor. The Big Daddy Casino is open 24/7 where the door never closes.

If you want to go to the casino games, you have to pay an entry fee that is 1500 INR with a 1000 INR coupon (between Monday and Thursday) and 2000 INR with 1000 INR coupon (on Friday and Saturday). It also offers different packages according to the different needs of players.


Is Big Daddy a good casino?

With 110 tables in an area of 50.000 square feet, Big Daddy Casino combines almost all the international and national games. It includes Indian flush, American Blackjack, Roulette as well as variants of Poker for the avid gamers.

According to a player, Big Daddy Casino Goa is equipped with gaming equipment at par with Las Vegas and Macau, not found anywhere in India. From poker to roulette, Indian flush to Andhar Bahar, pit yourself against other eager gaming enthusiasts and see who comes out the winner. Realize your dream of playing and winning big as you witness India’s largest gaming spectacles. Incidentally, celebrity millionaire and poker star Dan Bilzerian also made his maiden Indian appearance on the vessel.

Big Daddy Casino is one of the holistic entertainment destination

Big Daddy Casino not only includes games but also the holistic entertainment that offers you experience with year’s biggest parties, world-class gourmet cuisine, entertainment acts, unlimited premium alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages and other surprises. In addition, the vessel is closer to the river and seems a bit wobbly due to the engine being always on so the ship is not steady. This pontoon area is one of the most larger areas than other offshore casinos’ pontoons.

Moreover, the Big Daddy Casino is also being used for corporate and bachelorette functions. At every level, the entertainment programme happens once every 30 minutes. Electronic gaming with a combination of live gambling and electronic games allow guests to have multiple choices. At the first floor, there are three levels with various levels of stakes and the 2nd floor being more of a card room. And the 3th floor has maximum stakes. 

inside big-daddy-casino

If you want to come in with families, there is a separate kids zone so your children can play and enjoy under the care of the staff. However, children below 5 years must be looked for by their mother. Moreover, there is a box office area and a snooze area for children to sleep.

The luxury casino ship with lavish restaurant offers the best of local and global cuisines, live barbecue, bar on the topmost deck and a sundeck. One of the most special things about Big Daddy Casino is the Cigar Lounge that is inspired by Las Vegas with a range of amazing games as well as multi-cuisine and funny entertainment.

Indians hope that Big Daddy Casino brings in many more tourists to Goa not just from India but also abroad. This is able to generate revenue, local employment and boost tourism for the state of Goa.

If you come to Big Daddy Casino you have to buy an entry ticket that is inclusive of food and drink. There are 3 packages available and rates go up on weekends (Friday-Sunday). The additional chips are provided with the ticket so you can try the games.

Casino allows adults aged above 21 years entry. Children below 8 are allowed free entry and children between the ages of 8-18 are charged Rs. 1000 per person. Guests between the ages of 18-21 are allowed to drink but not allowed entry to the casino. Remember to follow for more information.

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