History of the Casino Theatre aluva- A famous tourist attraction

casino theatre

Located at 1404 Broadway and West 39th Street in New York City, the Casino Theatre is a famous place for visitors all around the world. It was the first place in a leading presenter of mostly musicals and operettas. Nowadays, this is an entertaining destination for all visitors. If you are looking for information about it, don’t miss out  this article of onlinegamblingindi.

History of Casino Theatre

The Casino Theatre is designed in Moorish Revival style by Francis Hatch Kimball and Thomas Wisedell architects. It was the first theatre in New You to be lit up by electricity. It is more than 15 blocks north of where the theatre district was then centered. Initially, it seated about 875 people and the theatre was expanded in 1894. Until 1905 after a fire, it was rebuilt and became a Casino that seated approximately 1,300 people.

Casino Theatre opened by McCaull Comic Opera Company. It was first managed by composer and producer Rudolph Aronson, Canary & Lederer, the Shuberts. 

The theatre hosted a series of successful operations and other kinds of musical theatre in the 1880s and 1890s, such as the extraordinarily successful Erminie. In 1891, the Cavalleria Rusticana in American was premiered and later it introduced The Passing Show and the first Broadway venue. In 1898, it premiered on The Origin of the Cake Walk or Clorindy.

The theatre is one of the best remembered. Because, it used to be the home of the 1900 production of the Edwardian musical comedy, Florodora. In this show, the Casino Theatre is the first theatre in New York to host a chorus line, the “Florodora Sextet”. Initially, the sextet’s lineup included a number of ladies who would later get fortune and fame.

In the next decade, this theatre continued to host musicals and operettas performances. Some of the greatest and most successful musicals are A Chinese Honeymoon, The Chocolate Soldier, The Girl, During World War I. Other musicals are Sometime and The Blue Paradise…

casino theatre

Until 1920s, Casino Theatre became the home of several hit operettas, including The Desert Song, The Vagabond King. Despite leading the move uptown by the  Broadway theatre district by the 1930s, most of the theatres had moved further North to the West 1940s.

The last performance at Casino Theatre was the opera Faust premiered by the American Opera Company in January, 1930. With tenor Charles Kullman in the title role and Marguerite played by Nancy McCord.

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Why is the name of the theatre “Casino”?

The “Casino Theatre” name existed before the existing Casino Theatre building and came back to a landmark dance hall built on the same place in 1922. Several years later, the Casino Theatre building was transformed into a movie house with seats placed on the flat floor along with the screen on the stage. The Casino Theatre is also named with the British spelling of “theatre”.

Apart from the “Casino Theatre” in New York, this name became popular as a proper name for these spots in the 1800s. The first campus center at Princeton University is called the “Casino Theatre” too. This campus opened in 1895, with a range of convenient facilities such as tennis courts, a bowling alley, a dance floor and a stage for theatrical productions. 

There is a Casino Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark, a stage for operettas from 1845. The first play was hosted on 26 December 1848. The Casino Theatre served a broader audience than the Royal Theatre at Kongens Nytorv. This theatre was a place where common people went, often with their children. Its repertoire consisted of comedies, revue vaudevilles and operettas.

casino theatre aluva

“Casino” stuck as a popular name for movie houses when they came along, much like “Ritz” or “Rialto.” There are once hundreds of theaters named casinos across the country. Actually, there is another “Casino Theatre” still operating across the state in Vandergrift, Pa. It was built in 1900 and a vaudeville theater until the 1920s, when it was remodeled for movies. Hence, the “Casino Theatre” has been a landmark on the main street of Mount Pocono for generations.

Nowadays, the word “casino” actually means a place used for gambling or betting. Even though the Casino Theatre has a long and well-established history as a famous entertainment place for family, strangers’ visits to Pocono are confusing the theatre.

In the fall of 2007, the Casino Theatre opened an entertainment center in Mount Pocono with the Mount Airy Casino Resort.

Overall, there are several similar names for the “Casino Theatre”. If you are looking for a place for musicals and operettas, you can go to the theatre in New York City or  Vandergrift, Pa. However, if you want to visit the Casino Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark, it was demolished in 1960.

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